Wheels We Deliver respects your privacy

Any personal information you provide to us through our contact form or any other form including and similar to your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address will not be released, sold, or rented to any entities or individuals outside of Wheels We Deliver.

Privacy Statement

This privacy statement explains the kinds of information we may obtain from or about you as a visitor to our website or as a user of our services; how we may use that information (together with information provided offline or via other means); and who we may share that information with.

General Statement

Wheels We Deliver respects your right to privacy and we are committed to complying with applicable data protection and privacy law. We will only collect personal information about you with your awareness and as described in this policy. Any personal information which you provide to us and/or which we obtain about you, will be kept secure and confidential using appropriate technical measures. We may combine personal information that we collect via one method (for example, our website) with personal information that we collect via another method (for example, your offline interactions with us).

Collection and Use of Your Personal Information

We may collect and process the following data through our website (and combine this with data provided offline through your interactions with us).

Personal Data Record of Data Processor

Data Retention
We require basic information to complete a delivery effectively such as : Company Name, Company Address, or Home Address.

Client’s customer-The job, name the maximum details, how long do they stay on the system per Data Register.

Nature & Purpose of the Processing
Personal Data is required to transport the goods from one location to another.

Categories of Data Subjects
Customers, including : Companies, Sole Traders and Partnerships 

Types of Personal Data (i.e. any information relating to an identified or identifiable person)

  • Demographic Data
    We do not require demographic data.
  • Contact Details
    We may require home/work landline phone number, personal/work mobile, home/work postal address, personal/work email address.
  • Financial Data
    We do not require the consignor or consignees Visa details to effect a delivery.
  • Digital Identifiers
    Where possible the Eircode is required.
  • Social Media
    We may follow you on social media.
  • Special Data
    Not required
  • Criminal Offences/Convictions
    Not Required
  • Government Identifiers
    Not Required
  • Other
    Not Required

Recipients of the Personal Data
Subcontractors (drivers), Out sourced agents, IT service provider, IT systems providers, Auditors.

Data Transfers
We use Zoho CRM system.

Security Measures

  • Implementing encryption where feasible
  • Data Minimisation as default
  • Risk Management embedded
  • Integrating data privacy into IT policies, data retention and deletion policy
  • Providing DS transparency and access
  • Access controls for confidentiality
  • Access controls (roles based)
  • Providing an audit trail of the access controls
  • Ability to restore availability of and access to data in the event of an incident
  • Regular test of the effectiveness of security measures.

Our systems are as secure as possible. We operate role based Passwords.

We have ongoing Penetration test and secure back up procedures.

Data Processor DPO
Barbara Devine



Wheels We Deliver uses cookies or similar technologies on our website. To find out more see our Cookie Policy below. By using our website, you agree to our use of cookies. You can opt out at any time by emailing GDPR@wheelswedeliver.com, email STOP.

Any information provided by or about you through our website including comment boxes, forms, links, website usage or any other means. If any person contacts us via phone, email, post, surveys, through our website or otherwise, we may keep a record of that correspondence.

Where you purchase any products or services from us, we collect your data in relation to that product or service as set out in this policy and our contract with you for that product or service.


You agree that any data you provide to us will be true, complete and accurate in all respects and you agree to notify us immediately of any changes to it. We will only collect personal information from or about you which is necessary to:

  • Provide this website to you;
  • Provide courier and delivery services to you;
  • Set up and administer your account as a customer with us;
  • Contact you for direct marketing purposes, subject to restrictions under the relevant laws, including the right to opt out of such marketing;
  • Provide you with information relating to our services and to Data Protection generally.

Retention of data

We keep your personal data only for as long as necessary for the purposes for which it was collected and to provide you with services, to conduct our legitimate business interests or where otherwise required by law.

Disclosure of data

Your personal information may also be processed by other organisations on our behalf for the purposes outlined above. We may disclose your information to partners, associates, agents or subcontractors and to possible successors to our business. Some of these parties may reside outside the European Economic Area (which currently comprises the Member states of the European Union plus Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein). If we do this, your information be treated to the same standards adopted in Ireland. We may also disclose your information for the prevention and detection of crime and to protect the interests of Wheels Couriers or others or if required to do so by law or other binding request.

User Rights and access to your personal information

Under Data Protection Law you have the right to access, erase or correct information held about you in certain circumstances, and to have some of that data (if held by Wheels We Deliver) provided to you in a portable form. You have the right to request a copy of any personal information we hold about you. We will endeavour to comply with such requests within one month, but where any such request is unusually onerous, we may extend that time by a further two months. In fulfilling such a request, we may request a copy of ID to confirm your identity. To make such a request, please write by sending an email to GDPR@wheelswedeliver.com


Where you, as a Data Controller, engage the services of Wheels We Deliver, we will act as Data Processors on your behalf. In doing so, we will:

  • Only process personal data under the Contract in accordance with your reasonable written instructions and in accordance with applicable Data Protection Legislation.
  • Adopt appropriate technical and organisational measures against accidental disclosure, loss or destruction of personal data;
  • Inform you promptly in the event of unauthorised disclosure, loss or destruction of any personal data processed on your behalf.
  • Refer to you any requests, notices or other communication from data subjects, the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner or any other law enforcement agency relating to personal data processed on your behalf.
  • Ensure that all Wheels We Deliver personnel processing personal data are under an obligation of confidentiality; and
  • Make available reasonable information necessary to demonstrate compliance with our Data Protection Obligations.
  • Make available such information and assistance as are reasonably necessary to you to comply with your obligations to respond to requests for exercising the data subject’s rights, to report personal data breaches and to conduct Data Protection Impact Assessments and Prior Consultation with Data Protection Authorities.
  • Comply with our obligations to you in respect of sub-processing and Third Country Transfers
  • Delete or return all personal data processed on your behalf, upon the termination of any services provided by us to you.

If you are a customer, but not a corporate entity, some of the information relating to your use of our service may be personal data. We will process this personal data for the purposes of performing our contract for services with you. This data will be held for as long as you remain a customer with us. Billing information will be retained for the current financial year plus six years. We use service providers to assist in providing services to you, and some of these process your personal data on our behalf. These Data Processors provide a range of services to us, including deliveries, cloud computing, data storage, document shredding, outsourced IT services, security providers, consultants and professional advisors.

Where we use Data Processors, we require them by contract to only process data in accordance with our instructions. Some of these Data Processors are based outside the European Economic Area (the ‘EEA’) which consists of the European Union Member States together with Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. When we transfer to or allow access to personal data from such countries, we adopt measures to carry out these transfers in accordance with applicable data protection law.

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