Client Objective

Specialised Pack, Crate & Transport Computer Assets from Asian Data Center to the USA. 

Security Vetted Drivers required for Data Center Pick-Up

Task Detail

  • Complete End to End Logistics Required.
  • Vetted Security Cleared Crew to access Data Center at designated time.
  • Off Site Specialised Packing & Crating to be completed
  • All Asset Licences, Certificates & Customs Paperwork to be Provided & Managed by Wheels We Deliver
  • Door to Door Logistics-Fully Tracked
  • High Value Full Liability Insurance Required

Each Asset Securely Packed with Anti- Static Bubble Wrap

Additional Secure Packing for all Equipment

Making it Happen

  • Wheels We Deliver engaged with client to gain a complete understanding of their objective
  • Project Manager and Ops team maticulously planned the project from start to finish
  • Wheels We Deliver engaged with long term Asian Partner & plan implemented
  • Date & Time agreed with client for pick-up. Security Vetted Crew provided personal ID in advance and vehicle details (licence plate/make etc) also provided prior to arrival at DC.
  • All assets brought to warehouse for specialised packing and crating
  • Secure packing as per original brief provided and the complete process documented including photographs at each stage
  • All paperwork managed & completed by Wheels We Deliver including commercial invoice, export licences for each piece of equipment, Airway Bills & fumigation certificate Fumigation Certifcate for the crate
  • Air-Freight shipping arranged with Global Partner
  • Shipment securely delivered on time & within budget for client within 72 hours

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Customised Foam Lined Crate Built for the Shipment

Customised Foam Lined Crate Built for the Shipment
Securely Packed Assets Packed in Foam Lined Crate

Securely Packed Assets Packed in Foam Lined Crate

Additional Foam Lining installed to Protect Freight

Crate Sealed- Relevant Licences, Certs & Customs Paperwork Attached- Ready for Shipping via Airfreight